Bridgton Academy

Bridgton Academy


What is Bridgton Academy?

Bridgton Academy is the only college preparatory school in the country, which offers a unique, one year, postgraduate, boarding and day program for young men to prepare them for the rigors of college and beyond. Our mission is to ensure that our students graduate with the academic skills, study skills, self-confidence, and maturity necessary to succeed in college. 

Students at BA strive for success. The close-knit campus community helps students to mature and become responsible, self-reliant young men. Academic faculty live and work closely with students serving as advisors, coaches, club sponsors, and role models. Students and faculty share the stimulation of the classroom, the camaraderie of the playing fields, and the exhilaration of a downhill run at a nearby ski slope. This day-to-day interaction creates a bond of shared values built upon a foundation of accountability and personal integrity. 

Where is Bridgton Academy?

Bridgton Academy is a cornerstone in the quaint town of North Bridgton, just minutes north of downtown Bridgton in the heart of Maine’s Lakes and Mountains Region. The campus’ proximity to Noble House is one of convenience in that it’s only 2.3 miles from the inn and a short 5-minute drive. Noble House is the closest year-round inn to the Academy and a favorite of parents and students alike.

Noble House ~ BA’s Lodging Partner

Visiting a son at Bridgton Academy? Stay at Noble House and enjoy wicked-good food, our bottomless cookie jar, luxurious beds, and exceptional hospitality! Plus, staying here means more time with your son because so little travel time exists between inn and school.

Typical Academic Calendar

27 All Students Arrive   Spend the night when you drop-off your son. 


2-4 Parents' Weekend
15 First Quarter Ends - Long Weekend - Can’t visit on Parent’s Weekend? Why not visit now instead?
19 Students Return - Spend the night when you drop-off your son. 


21 Exam Day- Saturday Classes
22 Thanksgiving Break after Classes - Spend the night when you pick-up your son.
29 Students Return - Spend the night when you drop-off your son.


17 Christmas Vacation begins - Spend the night when you pick-up your son.  


10 Students Return - Spend the night when you drop-off your son.  


12-15 Parent Reception & Parent Day – Spend a Romantic Weekend at the Inn while visiting your son.


6-20 Spring Vacation - Spend the night when you pick-up your son.  
21 Students Return - Spend the night when you drop-off your son.   


2-5 Long Weekend Begins After Classes - Spend the night when you pick-up & drop-off your son.


7- Exams & Quarter Ends – Arrive Thursday. Pack Friday & Head Home Saturday.
8 - Commencement  



BA Contact Information

Address: Bridgton Academy ~ P.O. Box 292 ~ North Bridgton, ME 04057
Phone: 207-647-3322

Tid Bits

BA’s 33 member faculty instructs and guides a student body consisting of 180 postgraduate young men representing 23 states and 3 foreign countries. 
The campus consists of 24 buildings on 55 acres in North Bridgton, Maine with buildings dating back to 1825. Its newest building is The Humanities Center, built in 2006.
BA offers 29 semester courses, 11 full year courses, and 12 college credit courses
BA’s college matriculation percentage is 98-99% enrolled in four-year colleges and universities per class.
Between 80% and 90% of students participate voluntarily in one of nine interscholastic sports at Bridgton Academy. 
BA’s Outing Club takes advantage of Maine's beautiful lakes, mountains, hiking trails, ski slopes, and camping areas. The Club offers recreational activities, such as white water rafting, hiking, camping, mountain biking, snow shoeing, and cross-country skiing. The Academy has its own large cabin on Stearns Pond in Sweden, Maine, with bunks for twenty-two people.

Bridgton Academy’s History

The history of Bridgton Academy is the story of a modest school in the "wilds of Maine" prospering due to the strength of its people (faculty, students, trustees, and friends). The Academy’s 6,000 plus alumni fondly remember a school characterized by a steely resolve and a warm heart, a school that always expected the best from all, a school committed to excellence and community. If history is prologue, Bridgton Academy’s future is bright. 

The Massachusetts General Court incorporated Bridgton Academy in 1808. By 1825 students at BA were preparing for studies at Bowdoin and Dartmouth. In the 1800’s, enrollment increased to 214, but by 1873, the doors were closed due to New England’s post Civil War economic decline. In 1908, a women’s dormitory was built. In the 1930’s, with only 146 students enrolled, BA felt the effects of the Great Depression. For the next 30 years, starting during World War II, Bridgton Academy underwent some of its most important changes in the mission and composition of the school. By 1955, young women were no longer accepted as boarding students, and by the mid 1970’s, all but the senior and postgraduate years were phased out. After that time, BA saw major changes in facilities and increased enrollment so that by the 1990’s, courses for college credit were being offered.

Today, Bridgton Academy has experienced strong admission activity; championship athletic teams; and numerous campus upgrades, including a new ice arena, a renovated dormitory, a renovated gym and coaches’ offices, a fiber optic computer network, and a new state-of-the-art Humanities Center.